Design Capabilities

  • phases-drawingboard

    When a customer calls and needs a non-stock item, the first thing we do is design work. The concept is carefully drawn, then usually faxed back to the doctor’s office or clinic. Once the concept has been captured on paper and approved by the customer, the pattern work begins.

  • phases-layout

    The building of the ‘blueprints’ is the pattern making phase. Skilled pattern makers ascertain the best use of materials and the ideal machine to produce the item on. Here is where the item is engineered, and then approved again by the customer.

  • phases-sewing

    A prototype of the newly designed item is fabricated and sent out to the customer. The customer makes any desired changes or additions and sends the prototype back. The item is either re-worked or accepted for final approval. The customer generates a purchase order and production begins.

  • phases-folding

    The product goes through a final inspection and then packaging. From start to finish, the product has passed at least five quality assurance gates; the final being the most comprehensive.

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