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Reusable Gown

Reusable Gown

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Introducing our Reusable Gown, a sophisticated garment designed to provide unparalleled comfort and confidence to the wearer. Offering Level II protection, this gown is meticulously crafted from 100% Polyester, featuring long sleeves adorned with sturdy knit cuffs for added durability. The gown's thoughtful design includes an adjustable tie-in-back waist and neckline, ensuring a personalized and secure fit. Resistant to bacteria, the fabric boasts a multi-filament material that acts as a barrier with an antimicrobial finish. Easy to maintain, the Isolation Gown is machine washable and autoclavable, offering both convenience and flexibility in cleaning. Currently available in a refreshing light yellow, this gown goes beyond standard protective wear. It not only repels bodily fluids, allowing liquids to bead up and run off the fabric, but also wicks away perspiration through cooling, breathable fibers that keep moisture at bay. The gown further contains antimicrobial properties to inhibit the growth of bacteria, controls odor caused by bacterial activity, resists stains, and ensures an overall comfortable and reliable protective experience

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