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VESTEX Surgeon Caps (6 / pack)

VESTEX Surgeon Caps (6 / pack)

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Introducing VESTEX Surgeon Caps – the latest in active barrier fabric technology for healthcare professionals. Surgeon Caps, available in one size, can be ordered in quantities of 6 units. 

VESTEX, a breakthrough in active barrier fabric, empowers medical professionals with superior protection. Our medical apparel is designed to safeguard you, your patients, and your family. Here's why VESTEX stands out:

  • Repels Body Fluids: Fluids bead up and effortlessly run off the fabric.
  • Wicks Away Perspiration: Cooling, breathable fibers draw moisture away from the skin.
  • Antimicrobial Protection: Inhibits bacterial growth on the fabric, controlling odor.
  • Resists Stains: Ensures durability by resisting stains.

VESTEX Basics, protected by VESTEX, offer all-day comfort and protection in the unpredictable world of patient care. This revolutionary fabric serves as an active barrier in scrub uniforms and lab coats, providing a comfortable yet highly protective solution. As a crucial component in your infection prevention and control plan, VESTEX scrubs and lab coats are meticulously designed to minimize the risks associated with contaminants on staff uniforms. Elevate your protective wear with VESTEX – where innovation meets comfort.

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